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Cooling Gel

The Cooling Gel consists of high-quality and natural ingredients that guarantee maximum skin compatibility. 

It has also been developed without animal testing and contains no animal ingredients. Therefore the Cooling Gel is also suitable for vegans.


The ilmandi Cooling Gel is unique in its application and effect.

  • Natural active ingredients

  • Without animal testing

  • Vegan

  • Without microplastic

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested

  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

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Dermatologically Tested_weiss.jpg
Active ingredients
  • Menthol

  • Arnica

  • Ginger

  • St. John's wort

  • Marigolds

  • Sage

  • Marshmallow

  • Mallow

  • Horsetail

  • Thyme

  • Lemon peel oil

Why ilmandi Cooling Gel

In order for the body to function optimally, it tries to keep the temperature at around 37°. Outside this temperature, the body consumes a lot of energy, which limits mental and muscular performance.

The Cooling Gel cools the body down, thus making it mentally and muscularly more conductive again.

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Important information

  • The product is suitable for all skin types.

  • Do not apply to the face.

  • Do not apply directly to open and bleeding wounds.

  • Can be combined with other products.

  • For skin diseases, consult your doctor.

Who is the Cooling Gel for

It is primarily intended for athletes and physically active people.

Whether football, tennis, mountain biking or yoga - anyone who challenges their body will appreciate the gel.


In addition, it is suitable for everyone who performs physically in everyday and professional life or simply wants to cool down the body on hot days.

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  • Apply the ilmandi Cooling Gel directly before sport and (or) during breaks over a large area of the upper body. (chest, stomach, shoulders, neck, arms and back)

  • The cooling effect is only really noticeable during physical activity or in warm temperatures. The gel will not hypothermia the body as this would be counterproductive.

  • The gel cools the body via the skin and not via the muscles.

  • The amount needed can vary from person to person. 

  • The gel should have a cooling effect between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the intensity of the sporting activity.

  • If it is applied to the stressed muscles during exercise, the performance will be maintained for longer and regeneration afterwards will be shortened.

  • The cooling effect is less noticeable on muscles that are under heavy strain.

  • Of course, you can also use the gel after sport for regeneration or directly after showering, which prevents post-sweating.


Team Perret Rios

The Cooling Gel from ilmandi helps even us ice strategists to prove cool head in crucial moments. During intense scrubs sessions, it supports the cooling of the body, keeps the mind fresh and accelerates the regeneration after a game. This can be a decisive factor during a tournament.


Jenny Perret & Martin Rios

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Sina Staub_edited.jpg

Sina Staub

I have been a successful member of the Swiss Ju-Jitsu national team. Martial arts can be tough. The ilmandi Cooling Gel supports regeneration after hard training. On hot days and in warm countries, the gel helps me to keep my body from overheating.


The bottle fits in every sports bag and I have made it my personal companion.

Yuki Ujihara

I have already tried some similar products. But in terms of duration of action and versatility, the ilmandi Cooling Gel is unrivalled. In a karate suit you are often quickly overheated and during my summer training sessions in Japan the temperature is always above 33°C. The effect of the ilmandi Cooling Gel is an incredibly beneficial experience. It cools and regenerates simultaneously. It can be used during training or competitions to increase performance and also afterwards to stimulate regeneration. The best thing is to try it out for yourself!

Foto Yuki .jpg

Noemi Rüegg

The Cooling Gel is the ideal everyday companion for me, because as a cyclist I am often exposed to the heat for several hours on training and racing days. 

My body is cooled down by the gel in a short time and can therefore save valuable energy. Thanks to the essential oils, the gel has a calming effect on my competition nervousness and in addition they bring about an optimal regeneration.

"Staying cool is a must, thats why its ilmandi in which I trust“ 

Fabian Weiss

The Cooling Gel from Ilmandi convinced me all along the line. Since I sweat a lot during training and competitions, I like to use the gel very much. It helps me to keep my body fresh and cool, which leads to more powerful legs. I also use the Cooling Gel for regeneration. Be it after a hard training or competition or simply when the legs feel heavy. Then it helps my legs to feel more quickly recovered.

Foto Fabian Weiss.jpg

Dominic Condrau

Thanks to the Cooling Gel from Ilmandi, I feel fresh and fit even on hot summer days. I can get my best performance during intensive training sessions on the water or on land. 

Due to the cooling effect of the gel, my body feels more powerful, which can bring me decisive advantages for my next training session.  

I use the gel for my legs and arms even after training, because it helps my muscles recover more quickly.

Charlène Keller

I love the Cooling Gel from ilmandi. To train at warm temperatures is great. But the body likes to overheat and you feel tired. The Cooling Gel helps my body during 

and to keep it cool and fresh after training and thereby increases my performance. 

What I particularly like about the gel is the improved regeneration! I apply it to tired and heavy legs before going to sleep and notice how the legs are better recovered the next morning thanks to the gel.


Noe Seifert

The Cooling gel helps me during and after training to show my best performance.

Daniel Jola

My training and competitions all take place outdoors. The matches, be it football golf or footgolf, take about 2-3 hours per round. 

With 3 rounds per tournament day, that can be 6-9 hours, sometimes in very hot weather conditions. That's where the Cooling Gel comes in handy. The Cooling Gel gives me the necessary leg freshness during my matches and keeps my leg muscles very active. 

I also use the Cooling Gel after my races for faster and better regeneration. It is also very important to me that it is a Swiss product.

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