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The refreshing kick for your body

Train hard - cool down

Refreshed like a jump into the cool water, only more intensive and long-lasting. 
  • It cools the body during sport.

  • It makes you physically and mentally more powerful again.

  • It supports the muscles already during the load and shortens the regeneration afterwards.

  • It was developed by athletes for athletes.

  • It is unique in its effect.

Made in Switzerland.jpg
Cooling gel
  • Natural active ingredients

  • Without animal testing

  • Vegan 

  • Without microplastic

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested

  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Convince yourself of the effect of ilmandi Cooling Gel


Charlène Keller

I love the Cooling Gel from ilmandi. To train at warm temperatures is great. But the body likes to overheat and you feel tired. 

The Cooling Gel helps my body during 

and to keep it cool and fresh after training 

and thereby increases my performance. 

What I particularly like about the gel is the improved regeneration! I apply it to tired and heavy legs before going to sleep and notice how the legs are better recovered the next morning thanks to the gel.

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